Rpgmaker Asset Converter

Rpgmaker Asset Converter Released.


A Flexible Graphics and Audio Tools for Rpgmaker Series.

Whit Rpgmaker Tools, you can convert Tileset, Chipset, Animation, Autotiles, Audio and more in all version. For Example, Rpgmaker 2003 Chipset to Rpgmaker MV.

And Graphics effect like Colorization, Saturation, Blur, Per Pixel, Smooting Dither, and more feature.


Hig performance rendering, and Cross Plattform.

Written in C++


From Rpgmaker 2003 To:  XP, XV, ACE, MV , MZ

From Rpgmaker XP To: 2k3,VX,ACE,MV,MZ

And More…

No Limit, Automatic Palette Conversion and Color Depth.


Author: makingitalia

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